Top of Denmark

Skagen Bryghus: Krøyer Dansk ØlToday I reached the top edge of Denmark, just above Skagen.

After I arrived, I drank a bottle of the local Skagen Krøyer Øl, which was malty, sweet, very ale-like, and not hoppy. At least in the Skagen brewery’s opinion, traditional Danish Ales are closer to the UK tradition than German lagers.

Another time, I think it would be well worth a cycling trip aimed at visiting some of Denmark’s micro breweries. Apparently they are a very recent phenomenon: from the last ten years or so. It’s certainly interesting how at least some people react against homogenized food and drink culture, of which Carlsberg and Tuborg are of course classic examples.

(Do shut me up before I start to sound like Radio 4’s Food Programme.)

Some friendly Danes also gave me a recommendation for two real ale pubs in Copenhagen: the Mikkeller Bar, Victoriagade, Vesterbro; and the Nørrobro Bryghus, Rygesgade. Let me know if you know either of them!

 You might ask what I’m doing with all my beer bottles. In Denmark, you get 1 KR (about 10p) for every glass bottle you put in the ‘bottle machine’.

Here’s a Lib Dem style pic of one of my bottles going into the machine.Bottle machine: I earn 1 KR (10p)

The bottles get returned to the breweries, it seems. That is quite interesting, since crushing glass isn't very economic or especially green, whereas reuse of bottles is very good.

Tomorrow I'm heading towards Aalborg, but it's been a long day today. It's 60-odd miles to the city but it would be good to reach it. So far I've clocked up about 330 miles in nine days, including two where I stayed put. Not overwhelmingly fast or stupidly ambitious, but I think I'm doing okay.

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