Up to Kolding

Today has been hot and tiring. I’ve arrived  in Kolding, with 50 miles to go tomorrow. It is more than I had hoped, but achievable as long as I leave early.

On the positive side, I’ve tried three types of Carlsberg beer, to see if they are any good. They are better than the average Carlsberg, but not perhaps outstanding. Maybe there are others I don’t know about.

I also had an interesting conversation with one Marianna (who is also cycling through Kolding and is from the Netherlands) straying into questions about the Dutch monarchy and the current political crisis. Funny that the Netherlands has a monarchy, courtesy of Napoleon. I always remember the Netherlands as an historic republic, as the United Provinces.

One thing everyone is agreed on is that Denmark is pretty expensive. Meals out, for instance, are typically £15 plus; beer is around £5-6 a pint. My train journey across the bridge from Zealand was £14, for a 20 minute journey. That did surprise me.

Part of this is because Danes doing relatively mundane work are paid higher rates than in the UK, regulated by the state. Beer is I believe heavily taxed.

One thing that is not expensive is cake. Large “day cakes” are about £3-4 and contain more food than you could personally want; as a cyclist, these enormous reservoirs of sugar, flour and fat are quite adequate for most of your needs.

Nevertheless, despite the cheap cakes, Danish people look extremely healthy. Very few people are actually overweight. Is this diet, cycling or other factors? Marianna mentioned that the Danish diet often does not involve heavy evening meals. This is interesting. Simple bread and cheese in the evening sounds like a good idea to me.

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