A dangerous moment for London’s cyclists

Sadiq Khan has made a big political impression in London. He has learnt from Labour’s recent failures that you have to define yourself, before your enemies define you. As Mayor, his first days were full of announcements on bus fares, air pollution and the Garden Bridge. He has sounded like he is pushing serious policies to deliver important transport and related air pollution improvements. What was missing was anything on cycling.

The BBC should have given their recipes to the world for safekeeping

Recipes being culled from the BBC is no trivial matter, as of course they are a huge and well used public resource.

The Libertarian case for cycling

I recently read a widely criticised article on Spiked attacking the emphasis on cycling in London transport policy; and also noted a number of commentators with a right wing, somewhat libertarian persuasion making similar remarks, including Tom Conti. This made me ask why they are they missing a very obvious libertarian case for cycling.

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