Executive elections results due on Monday

Just in case anyone was wondering, the results of the Executive elections have been delayed from Monday this week, to Monday 15 October, because of the postal strike. Three of our top positions are being contested, Chair, and both Principal Speaker posts. So we expect a high turn out and high interest. I’ll be posting the results here, of course.


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General “election” boost for the Greens

The last fortnight’s faux-election fever has been great for the Green Party. We’ve been forced to test our ability to fight an election without any fall-out from the mistakes that are inevitably made in executing an election campaign.

We’ve selected nearly as many candidates as at the last election, and got most to buy into our national freepost scheme. Our membership has taken an upward surge, as it does at all elections. We’ve debated the strengths and weaknesses of all our target campaign organisations and have a very clear idea of what the national party needs to provide to local campaigns.

Without going too much into the weaknesses on a public forum, we know what they are and can now…

Conference and attacks on Cameron

Green Party Conference last week got lively interest from the broadcast media and online sites, but less in the daily papers. The day before Conference, the Society Guardian gave a full page to the leadership referendum, featuring Jenny Jones and Caroline Lucas debating different ways forward for the party.

The Liverpool press quickly followed…

Green Party Executive election results

The ballot papers to members are going out now, so the full results will be out on 8 October, we are told. This will be an exciting contest, with some interesting results, so if you’re a member, I strongly urge you to vote.

Candidate statement

I’m re-standing as External Comms Co-ordinator. This below is my official statement. The election will be at conference, rather than a ballot across the membership, as nobody else put in a nomination, but members can stand against me at Conference.


The Green Party deserves to succeed. People want us to succeed, and there is goodwill towards us in nearly every quarter, even in the media.

Over the last two years, I have secured paid press support, a more professional outlook on communications, including use of demographic data, survey information and external professional support. This year, I was key to bringing in Direct Debit which will raise over £100,000…

Should you be on Facebook?

Facebook seems to be the craze of the moment, so I thought I’d outline why it’s a useful thing to get into, if you are a Councillor, candidate or Green activist.

Facebook is a social networking site that lets people who know each other recommend groups, causes and content like videos that they think their friends might be interested in. It’s a very smooth website, working very nicely and easily, with nothing over-complicated, but also very interactive, as any web…

Speaking straight to the electorate

This month, the Green Party launched a new youtube service, broadcasting our message to whoever wants to find it.

Now, people have been able to find us on the net, and bypass the over-crowded and selective conventional media for many years. But by and large they haven’t be able to hear our voices and see our faces. In short, they haven’t been able to form a relationship with our key figures. Notwithstanding arguments about titles, everyone in the Green Party I am sure knows and understands that how we are perceived depends on voters recognising and trusting the people who speak on behalf of the party.

Most communication between people is not about words. It’s about eye contact,…

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