Can we all please ignore Julie Birchill?

Please. If we do, maybe she’ll go away.

Scuttle Brown’s Coal Plans

Andy Hewett, a London Green Party campaigner, came up with this slogan for the Kingsnorth protests, which helped capture Green Party presence in a number of outlets yesterday, including the Guardian, Metro, London Paper and this on BBC online.

Note how the layout works – four short words:


This makes it easy to make a placard, but best of course is that it is good line. We’ve had a few others, like the climate demo’s “Go solar, not ballistic” and “More wind, less CO2”. It’s a massive step forward from a few years back when rather embarrassingly one placard had six slogans on back and front…

Age of Stupid showing at Conference, Saturday night

Sue Luxton has just confirmed that the Age of Stupid will be showing at Conference on Saturday night. Space is limited to 50 seats, it seems, which is a shame, but that’s the only space that was available. Tickets will be around £4. Review here.

GreenFeed: killer app for Green bloggers on Twitter?

Okay, so it’s not strictly an app, but it is a really good reason to get onto Twitter’s platform, if you follow green blogs.

Someone in Edinbugh (please own up!) but not Two Doctors who is apparently dead set against Twitter has set up this service to send out titles, authors and URLs of new green blogs on Twitter. That’s actually really useful, as you catch them as they’re published. Find it here.

(Thanks to Adopted…

Jim Killock for Chair: official statement

I want the party to work and make a difference. I’ve done everything I can to make that happen – including leaving my full time paid job to push things forward. I would be honoured if you would give me your vote to help me make the Green Party more effective.

A track record of building success and fundraising

Over the last four years on the Executive, three as External Communications Officer, I have had a track record of building success. I have:

  • Written the motion to create a Leader and Deputy create and campaigned for it
  • Overseen the introduction of Direct Debit, which now 1600 members are using, worth £65,000 a year, due to double in the next two years
  • Secured two full time press officer posts and sorted out their office
  • Pushed…

Announcing my candidacy for Chair

A short note: more of this later. I’ve decided to stand for Party Chair, in what what would be my final year of GPEx.

I’m up against the very talented James Humphreys. I possibly expect to be standing against Penny Kemp, but I’ve no confirmation that her nomination was received.

I’m standing on a straightforward agenda of sorting the party out.

More of the same, in other words: now we have a leadership and a professional communications operation, I am standing in particular to build on the excellent Direct Debit work we’ve already done, and to get professional support for our elections.

[UPDATE: Penny did not submit a nomination]

Ashley declares he is running

We have official confirmation that Ashley Gunstock will be standing for leader, from Weggis. It’s good to have a contest.

UPDATE: Ashley now has a blog.

Infiltrators in party spotted

Just seen this from Weggis. This is very concerning news.

Green Party gets into Twitter

It had to happen … find official Green Party updates hereAdrian RamsayRupert Read, and a host of other members too. The Green Party is subscribing to a lot of supporters on Twitter so that’s a good place to start. You can find staff members like Head of Office Jon Nott and press officers Gary Dunion and 

Welcoming Rayyan and Adrian to the blogosphere

Rayyan Mirza, one of the very promising new generation of Young Greens, has started a blog. Rayyan has strong and interesting views as a Muslim and a Londoner. It’ll be interesting to follow his opinions.

Meanwhile, Adrian Ramsay has launched a blog on his campaign website, which he says he expects to be continuing after the leadership elections, in the run up to the next General Election.

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