A year in Digital Rights

Some years you look back and think, thank God that’s over. You wonder how on earth industry lobbyists and ignorant, lazy politicians are allowed to decide the fate of our digital rights, and how they can justify the erosion of free speech and privacy that their policies will cause.

Edinburgh Turing Festival

Steve WozniakI was at the Turing Festival this week, and started off by watching Steve Wozniak talk at the Edinburgh Playhouse. That’s a seriously large venue, and it was reasonably full. Perhaps it should have been fuller. Wozniak after all is the engineer who designed the early Apple computers.

He doesn’t have the ego that Steve Jobs had, but his attitudes are much more humane and collaborative. He had the hacker mentality, that he’d want to make things work and find out…

Trelleborg to Odense

It was a blazing hot day, as it has been for a while. People seem quite relieved that they are having some decent weather.

Trelleborg reconstruction

I got as far as Odense, about 50 miles cycling, having spent a couple of hours at Trelleborg. I haven’t had much time to spend in museums, but did want to visit at least one Viking site. Trelleborg is of course the most famous.


Copenhagen: IT Pol and Danish digital rights

Niels Larsen, of IT Pol

I met Niels Larsen and a couple of the IT Pol (English pages) crew yesterday, so talked about the digital rights challenges in the UK and Denmark.

I talked about the current surveillance data collection proposals (the Comms Data Bill); and Niels and IT Pol told me about a few disturbing Danish policies.


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