Cycling from Dunkirk

Amazing how much you come to rely on some piece of equipment. In my case, my Garmin GPS, attached to a Mac and thereby importing routes from Bike Route Toaster. Unfortunately, my Garmin gave up talking to my computer on day one.


Tim Dobson asked me what my set up was like, so here it is. I can’t claim anything original or exciting, but here it is.


I used a very cheap one man tent from Gelert. It was too small for my luggage, so next time I’ll try to find one with storage space. Given it was summer, I used an oldish cheap sleeping bag, which I would change another time.

I bought a very small Thermarest roll up, inflatable mattress, which was very good and took little space in the panniers.

Cooking equipment

I took no cooking equipment, not least because I had no space. I wouldn’t have worked well, carrying oil, washing up liquid…

Using Open Street Maps on a Garmin

As you may know, I am today taking a ferry from Harwich to Esbjerg in Denmark, from where I hope to cycle for about three and a half weeks. I’ve already learnt a few things about my bike, including that nearly nobody seems to mount lights near the front wheel anymore, and that carbon forks can’t support front panniers. So I might be downgrading my forks sometime.

But what I want to share a bit of information about is how Garmin and OpenCycleMaps function, and how you get the Garmin unit to give you sensible directions. It isn’t as straightforward as you may think, and I have to say I think it is mostly Garmin’s fault.

Let’s start with choosing a OSM map and using it for routing on…

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